The Weave Debate

Cut it out already! The number of Kenyan men joining the M.A.W.E (Men Against Weaves) club grows each day…but the one thing they don’t realize is that they are the ones pushing us to wear that stuff! What do you expect us to feel when you ogle at Megan Fox or Pamela Anderson(who also wear weaves, fyi)?

What i wouldn’t give to have this kinda hair

Now, it’s important to note that I have been anti-weave for the longest time, but I get my “sisters” who prefer them to their natural hair. We all know our hair can be a handful, what with stuff like blow-driers (which i’m not a fan of), and the range of chemicals that exist in the market promising to rid u of all those issues. A weave is a cheap option, that allows us to change our look and enhance our self confidence every so often. Even i have fallen victim to this phenomena, once, but have never back-slided since! 🙂

The pros to weaves easily out-weigh the cons! I mean, which woman wouldn’t risk covering her hair for 2 months plus, just to look good? The problem is the few women who give weaves the bad reputation. Stinky, old weaves are not the looks we are going for ladies! I have seen women who look absolutely gorgeous in weaves, and others who well, didn’t look all that.

The other issue is that most Kenyan women don’t understand the concept of matching your weave with your hair. Why would one mix natural hair with a sleek glossy weave? I never get that!

Next, is cheap is always expensive. If you can afford good quality weaves, please invest in them. Besides, you can always re-use them if they are human hair. The point is, with good maintenance, you can rock that weave!

In protest of M.A.W.E and in solidarity with my weave sisters, I will wear a weave!

It may be next year or the year after that, but rest assured I will!

Miss Warui.


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