The mosquito zapper…Dedicated to one Brian Munene (@theDeville)

Does any of you know what this is?

The bug/mosquito zapper! And we say no one’s invented anything lately! 🙂

This gadget has transformed some of our lives! Quite literally! You charge it with electricity, and it can last for days. The main idea is to turn it on, and hunt those buggers (mosquitoes), and shock them to death! Still don’t know how much voltage it produces, but once I do I will let you know! It’s a kind of fun activity (if you won’t creep out thinking you’re having fun killing animals) *serial killer complex*, @kiruik can attest to that!

The fun part of this thingy however, is hearing people new to it guess what it’s for. Yes, it looks like a racket, but it’s too small to play tennis with, and too big/heavy for badminton!

The best guess I’ve heard was from one afore-mentioned Brian, last night! I should add that he was inebriated as he waved the “racket” around, with its light turned on (yes, some have tiny light bulbs) in them, and says “This is very convenient”! “Do you chase the light with the racket”? “How exactly do you play with this thing “? LOL! Reminds me of those cats on Youtube that chase lights around the house! Poor buggers!

Furry Brian!

Oh, and the look he had when i demonstrated what exactly it’s for! Priceless!!

You can get this gadget for yourself for only 500bob at any supermarket! Happy mosquito-killing!

Miss Warui.


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