Single & Married

Morning guys! So, like all Kenyan office workers, I landed at my work place early, and started my early morning snoop of what’s new on the internet. First up, mail, a bit of facebook, twitter here and there, but I weirdly landed on Youtube this early! Anyone who knows how Youtube works understands that a search for a song could easily land you on a video titled “Elephants mating in zoo”! True story! And no, i’m not a perv…or one of those fishy people with fetishes of that nature.

So today I find myself watching a Ghanaian trailer for a movie titled “Single & Married”. From the comments published below it, it truly isn’t a movie made for the mass African market. I don’t think we are anywhere near discussing BJ’s or dicks in public, let alone in our living rooms. Did i mention there’s a scene they actually show the actors “getting it on”?

If you’d like to judge the amount of vulgarity in it….here it is. I, for one, know I am going to wait for it on Torrent downloads!

Miss Warui.


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