The road so far…

After a gruelling few months of “writers’ block”, read “work, work, work”, your favorite girl is back in business!! So, how have all of you been? Me? Alive and kicking! Still representing in those bashes, though not with as much frequency!

Oh, got a new job! Loving it, so far! Partly because I was the only girl around here for a while! Boy, do i like that scenario! 🙂 The perks are endless! @ItsnowRC and @ayodo are some of the awesome people at this joint!

In other news, it’s never a good idea to live in the same neighbourhood with certified party-animals! Kina @kiruik and @amasy will attest to that! Lol! Ideas like sheesha on a Sunday at 6pm surface with friends like these!

I’m also considering getting a motorbike! Something like this!




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