Some of my twitter followers….

Wow, I’m on a roll today! So much for writers’ block that I had experienced for very long!

This post is dedicated to some of my twitter followers…yeah, I don’t do the OOMF thingy, coz it’s well, a bit cliche! Here are my 2 cent thoughts on y’all!

@kiruik- best-est of friends, weekend plot-giver, former jkuat, total non-letdown! I just have praise for this guy! He inspires me to want more out of myself, and helped me get my first job!

@thejere- i know he’ll be among the first to read this post! 🙂 Best fan anyone could ever ask for! Certified motorbike lover, trying to get on “Who owns Kenya”, hehe…yes, i remember that! 🙂 oh, and he can tweet me for hours on end!

@amasy- PS-owner who takes my brother off my hands on most days! talented graphic designer, T-shirt giver! hehe…and how could i forget? sheesha-lover!

@happyhourkenya- for all your happy hour news! the guy behind this is just as great as his idea!

@thedeville- great artist! certified weed-junkie! For all your cookies/muffins, contact this guy!

@pkiprop- former workmate, made some of my days with his hilarious life stories, oh, and my constant dissing him!

@dngmtoto- certified wing-bitch…long since i hang out with her though! 😦

@iddsalim- changes his profile pic and name every single day! got a completely view of life! i’m sure he’s smoked enough ish to last the rest of us 2 lifetimes!

If I haven’t mentioned you, it’s not personal! I will do an encore of this post, so feel free to complain, and I will include you!

Miss Warui.


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