Of house number 28, 12, 3…

Recently I had drinks with some of my new workmates, which was great! There’s nothing better than bonding with people over alcohol! hehe…secrets come out, fetishes are known, and you now have something to hold over their heads! *evil grin*. But the best part of it all is knowing that it’s never that serious! The CEO becomes your new buddy, and that guy who stressed you in the interview is just a drunkard like you.

Anyway, so part of the bonding conversation was about these afore-mentioned houses, among other things such as the wash-wash business. Believe me, you don’t want to know how much people have wasted on that!

So, house number 28 is apparently just opposite our offices in Lavington, and it’s a…brothel. Now, I don’t know the exact workings of these kinda businesses, and that’s where the CEO chirps in! Apparently, he’s been there, and claims it’s embarassing to be seen there! Now, I don’t get why any man would visit a brothel in this time and age. Most girls give the P away just for 3-4 bottles of Smirnoff Black Ice aka Panty Remover. The fact that all these houses are in posh estates just means that these P’s are gonna cost u more! And i don’t need to tell y’all that they’re all the same! The owners may be different, the boobs may be different, but the P remains the same! I guess God had his own reasons for all that…

My newly discovered mission is to visit house 28, purely out of curiosity, i swear!! But i fear for my life! Ok, maybe not my life…maybe my hair, my teeth, and definitely my face! I hear these girls are territorial! Which reminds of a previous trip club experience. But that’s a story for another day.

For those in need of directions to said houses, contact me!

Miss Warui.


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