The mosquito zapper…Dedicated to one Brian Munene (@theDeville)

Does any of you know what this is?

The bug/mosquito zapper! And we say no one’s invented anything lately! 🙂

This gadget has transformed some of our lives! Quite literally! You charge it with electricity, and it can last for days. The main idea is to turn it on, and hunt those buggers (mosquitoes), and shock them to death! Still don’t know how much voltage it produces, but once I do I will let you know! It’s a kind of fun activity (if you won’t creep out thinking you’re having fun killing animals) *serial killer complex*, @kiruik can attest to that!

The fun part of this thingy however, is hearing people new to it guess what it’s for. Yes, it looks like a racket, but it’s too small to play tennis with, and too big/heavy for badminton!

The best guess I’ve heard was from one afore-mentioned Brian, last night! I should add that he was inebriated as he waved the “racket” around, with its light turned on (yes, some have tiny light bulbs) in them, and says “This is very convenient”! “Do you chase the light with the racket”? “How exactly do you play with this thing “? LOL! Reminds me of those cats on Youtube that chase lights around the house! Poor buggers!

Furry Brian!

Oh, and the look he had when i demonstrated what exactly it’s for! Priceless!!

You can get this gadget for yourself for only 500bob at any supermarket! Happy mosquito-killing!

Miss Warui.


The Weave Debate

Cut it out already! The number of Kenyan men joining the M.A.W.E (Men Against Weaves) club grows each day…but the one thing they don’t realize is that they are the ones pushing us to wear that stuff! What do you expect us to feel when you ogle at Megan Fox or Pamela Anderson(who also wear weaves, fyi)?

What i wouldn’t give to have this kinda hair

Now, it’s important to note that I have been anti-weave for the longest time, but I get my “sisters” who prefer them to their natural hair. We all know our hair can be a handful, what with stuff like blow-driers (which i’m not a fan of), and the range of chemicals that exist in the market promising to rid u of all those issues. A weave is a cheap option, that allows us to change our look and enhance our self confidence every so often. Even i have fallen victim to this phenomena, once, but have never back-slided since! 🙂

The pros to weaves easily out-weigh the cons! I mean, which woman wouldn’t risk covering her hair for 2 months plus, just to look good? The problem is the few women who give weaves the bad reputation. Stinky, old weaves are not the looks we are going for ladies! I have seen women who look absolutely gorgeous in weaves, and others who well, didn’t look all that.

The other issue is that most Kenyan women don’t understand the concept of matching your weave with your hair. Why would one mix natural hair with a sleek glossy weave? I never get that!

Next, is cheap is always expensive. If you can afford good quality weaves, please invest in them. Besides, you can always re-use them if they are human hair. The point is, with good maintenance, you can rock that weave!

In protest of M.A.W.E and in solidarity with my weave sisters, I will wear a weave!

It may be next year or the year after that, but rest assured I will!

Miss Warui.

Single & Married

Morning guys! So, like all Kenyan office workers, I landed at my work place early, and started my early morning snoop of what’s new on the internet. First up, mail, a bit of facebook, twitter here and there, but I weirdly landed on Youtube this early! Anyone who knows how Youtube works understands that a search for a song could easily land you on a video titled “Elephants mating in zoo”! True story! And no, i’m not a perv…or one of those fishy people with fetishes of that nature.

So today I find myself watching a Ghanaian trailer for a movie titled “Single & Married”. From the comments published below it, it truly isn’t a movie made for the mass African market. I don’t think we are anywhere near discussing BJ’s or dicks in public, let alone in our living rooms. Did i mention there’s a scene they actually show the actors “getting it on”?

If you’d like to judge the amount of vulgarity in it….here it is. I, for one, know I am going to wait for it on Torrent downloads!

Miss Warui.

Some of my twitter followers….

Wow, I’m on a roll today! So much for writers’ block that I had experienced for very long!

This post is dedicated to some of my twitter followers…yeah, I don’t do the OOMF thingy, coz it’s well, a bit cliche! Here are my 2 cent thoughts on y’all!

@kiruik- best-est of friends, weekend plot-giver, former jkuat, total non-letdown! I just have praise for this guy! He inspires me to want more out of myself, and helped me get my first job!

@thejere- i know he’ll be among the first to read this post! 🙂 Best fan anyone could ever ask for! Certified motorbike lover, trying to get on “Who owns Kenya”, hehe…yes, i remember that! 🙂 oh, and he can tweet me for hours on end!

@amasy- PS-owner who takes my brother off my hands on most days! talented graphic designer, T-shirt giver! hehe…and how could i forget? sheesha-lover!

@happyhourkenya- for all your happy hour news! the guy behind this is just as great as his idea!

@thedeville- great artist! certified weed-junkie! For all your cookies/muffins, contact this guy!

@pkiprop- former workmate, made some of my days with his hilarious life stories, oh, and my constant dissing him!

@dngmtoto- certified wing-bitch…long since i hang out with her though! 😦

@iddsalim- changes his profile pic and name every single day! got a completely view of life! i’m sure he’s smoked enough ish to last the rest of us 2 lifetimes!

If I haven’t mentioned you, it’s not personal! I will do an encore of this post, so feel free to complain, and I will include you!

Miss Warui.

Of house number 28, 12, 3…

Recently I had drinks with some of my new workmates, which was great! There’s nothing better than bonding with people over alcohol! hehe…secrets come out, fetishes are known, and you now have something to hold over their heads! *evil grin*. But the best part of it all is knowing that it’s never that serious! The CEO becomes your new buddy, and that guy who stressed you in the interview is just a drunkard like you.

Anyway, so part of the bonding conversation was about these afore-mentioned houses, among other things such as the wash-wash business. Believe me, you don’t want to know how much people have wasted on that!

So, house number 28 is apparently just opposite our offices in Lavington, and it’s a…brothel. Now, I don’t know the exact workings of these kinda businesses, and that’s where the CEO chirps in! Apparently, he’s been there, and claims it’s embarassing to be seen there! Now, I don’t get why any man would visit a brothel in this time and age. Most girls give the P away just for 3-4 bottles of Smirnoff Black Ice aka Panty Remover. The fact that all these houses are in posh estates just means that these P’s are gonna cost u more! And i don’t need to tell y’all that they’re all the same! The owners may be different, the boobs may be different, but the P remains the same! I guess God had his own reasons for all that…

My newly discovered mission is to visit house 28, purely out of curiosity, i swear!! But i fear for my life! Ok, maybe not my life…maybe my hair, my teeth, and definitely my face! I hear these girls are territorial! Which reminds of a previous trip club experience. But that’s a story for another day.

For those in need of directions to said houses, contact me!

Miss Warui.

The road so far…

After a gruelling few months of “writers’ block”, read “work, work, work”, your favorite girl is back in business!! So, how have all of you been? Me? Alive and kicking! Still representing in those bashes, though not with as much frequency!

Oh, got a new job! Loving it, so far! Partly because I was the only girl around here for a while! Boy, do i like that scenario! 🙂 The perks are endless! @ItsnowRC and @ayodo are some of the awesome people at this joint!

In other news, it’s never a good idea to live in the same neighbourhood with certified party-animals! Kina @kiruik and @amasy will attest to that! Lol! Ideas like sheesha on a Sunday at 6pm surface with friends like these!

I’m also considering getting a motorbike! Something like this!