Campus parties…

I just cleared campus…well, not ‘just’…let’s make it ‘recently’ and though my final year was more on the downside, I still have great bash experiences to share! First is that if you ever want to meet many people at a go…a campus party/bash is the place for you! Like 90% of the people I met were at bashes, the other 10% were my classmates… so, here are a few pointers on how to handle these scenarios.
1. Avoid anything given to you in a test tube! Especially by a guy who does a course with the name ‘Chemistry’ in it! You will probably not wake up till 4.30pm the day after tomorrow…that is, if you are lucky to even wake up!
2. Don’t ever have high expectations of what is to be served! Everyone knows campus is a place where cash is scarce, and we’re all trying to save on what we have. The things I have drunk…mmmhh…KK, KC, Naps, Muratina (quite common in Juja! Oh, I’ve even gone to where it’s brewed…how many girls can claim that!), Safari, Storm (this has a horse on it!), test tube stuff (just a sip), and sooo much more that I didn’t know!
3. A bash isn’t a bash if the lights are on! I think fluorescent has a tendency to keep people sober! Hehe…cause once the lights go off…well, let’s just say all hell breaks loose!
4. You’re here to mingle…we’re rarely there for that booze! It probably won’t last all the guests! So, mingle! Get yourself in party mode…dance, talk (read shout cause the music’s blazing), but remember…hide your face when you see a camera! We don’t want your bloodshot eyes on facebook the next day!
5. Carry some extra cash…most bashes tend to relocate by public demand! And the booze might fall short, you may have to contribute to extra mizingas!
6. There’s always a weed hangout! If you start laughing for no particular reason when in this zone…walk away!! You never know, you might soon start panicking and telling people to get you to a hospital cause you feel you are gonna die! Trust me, I know!
7. Some bash-owners like to spice things up a bit…a little fruit in the ‘fruitpunch’! if you can’t handle your liqor, leave the fruits in that plastic cup! They usually suck up all the booze in the punch!
8. If people dare you to do something, do it! There’s nothing worse than being evicted from a bash! Besides, you only live once! And it would make a great story!
9. You’d probably want to avoid the toilets in that particular house! Just avoid it!
10. A lot of stuff happens in these bashes…you may walk in on 3-somes, if u aren’t lucky enough to be in one (just saying), or just people expressing their physical attraction to each other! What to do? Ask if u can join in! hehe…
11. There’s probably going to be a fight…for one reason or another….i have seen male fights, girl fights, lesbian fights, people arguing in vernacular…haha! While they are fun to watch, u probably don’t want your face bashed in as well, so, run!
12. The downside to all this, is that you get known…bash-attenders tend to know each other, and boy, do they talk! This is where I got the notion that male gossip is far worse than females! Try keep your rep as squeaky clean as you can…but have fun anyway!
13. Finally, never take that guy you met in a bash seriously! 99% of the time, he’s just there looking for a hook-up! And you don’t want to be that girl! Well, unless you do….to which I say ‘You go girl’!
What are your house-party experiences? Lemme know!


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