2012 so far

So far, this has been a pretty depressing year…but like all others I know it will pick up at some point!

Some of the new people i’ve met include a prosecuter for the Mombasa Municipal council! Cute guy with the prettiest eyes i’ve ever seen (i kid you not), an imam at a mosque i was lucky to step into the other day…and lots more people…online! Not forgetting people i have reconnected with!

The only advantage of working from home is the time schedule, obviously…. just that. There’s very little human contact involved, which i actually prefer, but i’m human after all…sometimes we all crave that human touch with people my age! I had to add that part, so my parents wouldn’t count!

I’ve been busy trying to get my software development company online! Yeah, I have vision! And finally, it launches in a week! So excited! But other than that, I’ve been freelance mode! Meeting clients, chasing them after the job is complete…hehe…the woes of software developers!

Woes of software developers

Looking forward to a good mid-year…


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