Muffled Killer

Maybe I share these thoughts with some of you, maybe I don’t…Thank God for freedom of speech! I thought the title of the series was a bit exaggerated…given it’s common knowledge everyone who hooks up with prostitutes, male or female automatically puts themselves and their partners in the line of fire…HIV-wise of course.

I accept that homosexuality is a taboo subject in African society, and men who come out to say so publicly have some real steel balls! But still, I defer with the title. It should’ve read something like “What we don’t know about our husbands” or “The reality of homosexuality”.

I was disappointed to say the least about the coverage of the whole thing…it looked like something rushed, not well researched and well, just half-baked. We know a comprehensive story when we see one (the likes of “Paruwanja la mihadarati”) and this was an insult to news features!

Homosexuality is around us…the sooner we accept that, the easier we will deal with it….these are our men, our brothers, fathers, sons etc…

Miss Warui.