my top 10 movie scenes ever!!

Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of movies…even the black & white ones. So, here’s a compilation of my best movie scenes! Note that they are not in any particular order…

7. From the scariest movie of all time, The Exorcist, is my scariest scene ever!

The 12 year old possessed girl


Who can forget Jim Carrey at his best! The most lovable character he has played! The Mask (1994)



The producers say they got this idea from Hannibal, the brutal ruler of Carthage! It was executed beautifully in the film and I remember we were all in awe the first time we saw it! Lord of the Rings: Return of the King(2003)

War Elephants!


Way before Rihanna turned into the bad girl, there was Sandy, from Grease(1978). I consider this my first lesson in knowing the bad girls always get the guys!

Sandy...the bad girl


Reportedly, costing millions to make…this is definitely one of the most epic fight scenes…ever!! They had to be in a vacuum to simulate the flying motion in this scene! Inception(2010)

Inception fight scene.


This was def the most horrifying scene in a movie from my childhood! They showed off the magnificent creature to the audience only for them to yank off its head…literally! The Godfather(1972)

One of the most horrifying scenes of my life

1. Unbeatable…I know you know where this is from!

Neo and the bullets

Feel free to add your own!

Miss Warui.



I probably don’t look like one of them girls who dwell on their weight…and lucky for you, I’m not. But I do know when to realize that I need to put the junk aside despite what everyone else is telling ,e!

Needless to say, the Christmas holiday just ended…and while some of us are still in the spirit, being jobless and all…I do feel like there’s a significant change in my appearance. So, it’s time to bring out the big guns…drumroll!!! THE DIET!

I’ve trued convincing some members of my family to join in…to no avail! So, I’m all alone now…to tread the narrow path, to go where no one’s gone before, to push the boundaries…. apologies….I’m getting carried away by movie lines there!

So, today is day 1 of this endeavour…stomach rumbling, heartbeat weakening…but my eye’s on the prize!!

Wish me luck!

Miss Warui.

Of Facebook and Lesbians

Sometime ago I decided to snoop…yes snoop around a friend’s profile. I know what you’re going to say…bad girl..very bad girl! Yes I am one..not all the time though *wink*!

Back to the matter, so I snooped on the home page, and I saw some pictures that were…well, arousing. And shocking at the same time! Yes, I know facebook has tonnes of hot mami’z and most of them just post pictures of their face, hot parts of their bodies etc…which I have no objections to by the way, but I have major beef if you go nude on these pictures! And for what? To get the attention of this lad you’ve fancied for a while or to impress the other wolves on your home page?! I wish I’d downloaded some of those images for y’all to see what exactly I’m talking about!!

Another issue¬† is the “lesbian” thing! It’s sad when you hear high school girls bragging just how gay they are…my cousin got expelled from high school for that! We know guys like that sort of thing…but you shouldn’t do it just for that reason. If you really are a lesbian..good for you…but if you aren’t then just stick to what you knw or don’t know…whatever floats your boat!!

Musings of a boring Monday Afternoon

Apparently, now it isn’t so boring after all…our neighbours have just been robbed…sad. I’ve even stolen a sneak peak in their house and I must say those burglars knew exactly what they were looking for. The bedrooms are a mess though..completely ransacked. Which makes me wonder, why couldn’t the thieves leave everything at its place? Why did they have to leave an extra signature that they were there in the first place? Isn’t it enought theat they take whatever it was that they came for and just leave? Now, those guys, the neighbours are going to have to tidy up the place again…like it’s not painful enough that you’ve lost property already!!

On to other news…so I saw my stalker today…the stupid idiotic fella(censored insults..the ones in my head are much worse). This guy is just bad news yaani! He made me change my number…even after I’d threatened to take him to the police for harassment! Anyway, so I was coming back from the shop to buy airtime and waltzing on the dusty footpath leading up to our gate when who do I see?! The idiot! I have never given anyone the stink eye like I did him at that moment in time!

If he didn’t pee in his pants or have his balls shrink into his stomach, then I really need to work on my stink eye!

Miss Warui



New Year Resolutions

So, it’s 2012 already! Frankly, I don’t know 2011 zoomed by so fast, but they say I’m lucky it did! Apparently, it shows how busy I was. And I was! 2011 was the year I finished the biggest phase of my life (read school), and though I wasn’t pretty excited about that, I will celebrate it in 2012. Main reason for this…there’s no point celebrating the end of one phase without having started the other. 2011 had its life lessons for me, i lived, loved (not entirely sure of this), lost (don’t we all)…

Well, maybe I have one resolution…I just couldn’t resist…to get a fine job, and work to my heart’s fill!!!

Don’t be so skeptical to think that I wouldn’t enjoy my job….I certainly hope I will…if I get something fulfilling!

Happy New Year!! Share some of your resolutions if you like…I’d love to hear them!

Miss Warui.